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Roof Cleaning

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A brick home with a brick chimney.

Tile Roof

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A large white house with a truck in front of it.

Cedar Roof

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A brick home with a brick chimney.

Asphalt Roof

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Metal Roof

Roof Cleaning
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Watch This Video
to see the Roof Cleaning Process in Action

Watch this video as Bruce explains the non-pressure process used to clean any type roof.

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Professional Roof Cleaning Service

Asphalt Roof Cleaning

So your composite/asphalt roof has those black roof stains. The first thought is “Do I need a new roof?” The answer is most likely no.

Cedar Roof Cleaning

We specialize in the professional cleaning of cedar shake roofs. Having developed our own cleaning process and cleaning solution.

Metal Roof Cleaning

Our metal roof cleaning process will bring your roof back and is safe for your home, landscaping, children and pets.

Slate/Tile Roof Cleaning

Slate and Tile roofs require a similar level of care to that of Cedar Shakes.  They can easily snap or break and definitely an expert.

Sullivan Roof Cleaning is small family business operating out of Polk County, Pleasant Hill, Iowa. We are a certified roof cleaning and exterior cleaning services.  Sullivan Roof Cleaning Services focuses on improving your homes curb appeal and extending the life of your roof. Our special cleaning solution and process has been professionally formulated to remove damaging organic material without damaging your roof, your health, or your garden. Our solution and process is designed to clean all types of roofs from asphalt, cedar shake, metal, slate, and tile. We can remove the moss, lichen, fungi, algae, etc. from any surface.  Along side this we do also offer other cleaning services for decks, fences, and siding.

Before opening the business in 2009, Bruce worked as a fish boat captain and a conductor/engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad.

Non-Pressure Cleaning Process

Our non pressure process will not damage your roof material since we are able to do everything with garden hose pressure from the safety of a ladder. We will not walk on your roof, and we will not use a pressure washer.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

While most roof cleaning services utilize a caustic solution, our proprietary cleaning solution is citrus-based, contains algaecide, mildewcide and fungicide and is specially formulated to be gentle on your home and those who share it with you.

Proud of Our

We are a family business with five star testimonials from our customers, we are members of the Professional Roof Cleaners Association and have an A+ Rating from The Better Business Bureau.  We pride ourselves on our reputation and our service to our customers.

A man on a ladder spraying a roof.

What we do?

Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning is a family-owned and operated service out of Pleasant Hill, Iowa. Incorporated with the State of Iowa, we always provide a copy of our liability insurance with every quote request. Where we use a non-pressure/soft-wash cleaning process. On each of our service pages you can find examples of the work and a video explaining how our cleaning process works. We clean all types of roofs from asphalt, metal, tile/slate and specialize in the cleaning/treatment of cedar shakes. We also ultise a similar technique and clean all types of siding, decks, and fencing with our non-pressure/soft wash cleaning process.

About Our Services

At Sullivan Roof Cleaning Services we aim to bring your roof back to its former glory and give it a new lease of life.  Too often people are told that they need a new roof when they just need to have it cleaned.  We pride ourselves in our personable service and being able to offer a service that we can be proud of.

A man on a ladder spraying water on a roof.


Exterior Cleaning Roof & Siding, Johnson, Iowa

Amazing! I had the roof, siding and soffit cleaned on my 14 year old home. I can’t believe the difference it made! It looks new again! Sullivan was great to work with. There was absolutely no trace they had been there, other than the clean house and roof! I am very pleased. I will refer my friends and family to Sullivan Roof Cleaning!

Jen Goemann, Johnson, Iowa


Siding and Deck Cleaning, Johnson, Iowa

I found Bruce and Maria via their Your Tube video demonstrating their approach to cleaning the “green” stuff growing on the north and east sides of my home. I recommend watching it, it’s exactly who they are and what they do.

My house, deck and patio look brand new! I wish I had taken before pictures. The improvement is dramatic.

They arrived as scheduled, worked efficiently and with respect for my property. The work was completed for exactly the bid they provided when they visited my home to provide a free quote. I wish all contractors were so reliable and transparent. I am a very satisfied customer.

Annette DeFrancisco, Johnson, Iowa


Cleaning Product Works-Des Moines

Bruce has done several roof cleanings for me and the results always exceed my expectations. He’s saved me thousands of dollars on my investment properties by making old roofs look brand new. He cleaned my gutters and siding in just a few minutes in what would have taken me hours with a power washer. With just a simple rinse, his cleaning solution removed dirt and grime that a pressure washer couldn’t remove. He’s got an amazing product.


Adam Lewis, Des Moines


Roof & Deck Cleaning-Ames, Iowa

Our roof and deck area look better than new and Bruce and Maria are responsible for this transformation. I am so pleased to have hired Sullivan Roof Cleaning. They were friendly, courteous, and experienced and delivered excellent results.

Marie McCuskey, Ames, Iowa


Roof & Deck Cleaning-Ames, Iowa

Our roof and deck area look better than new and Bruce and Maria are responsible for this transformation. I am so pleased to have hired Sullivan Roof Cleaning. They were friendly, courteous, and experienced and delivered excellent results.

Marie McCuskey, Ames, Iowa


Roof Cleaning-Pleasant Hill, Iowa

I was skeptical of this when my wife suggested it. I told her roofs were suppose to do this after time. I went to Menards to purchase a product and tried it in a small area ( no results) we went ahead and had it done and our roof looks like the day we had it installed. This is the best money we have spent to keep the house looking like the day we built it. GREAT JOB!!! I would recommend this to anyone.

Jeff Backous, Pleasant Hill, Iowa


Deck Cleaning-Granger, Iowa

You did an awesome job on my daughter’s log home, deck, railing, swing and chairs on the deck. They are totally impressed. My roof looks great, as well as, the stucco on front of my house. I appreciated your professionalism regarding communication and being where you said you would be at the time agreed upon.

Joan Clary, Granger, IA 09/15/2015



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