Comprehensive Asphalt Roof Cleaning Services at Iowa


It is said that a roof makes up for 40 percent of what onlookers see upon observing your home. A streaky and dirty roof tends to make your house look older and damaged that it actually is. Have the experts at Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning, service your roof to restore the original look.

Our Asphalt Roof Cleaning services at Iowa will help the roof stay beautiful and durable for long. Our team uses various techniques for roof cleaning to remove stains and debris from your asphalt shingles.

We also use cleaning services that are environmental-friendly that doesn’t harm your environment or the asphalt roof. Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning team also helps you scrub off those grime deposition through the years. When ignored, it can add to the dullness of your Asphalt roof.

If you plan on calling professionals, remember, team Sullivan is always there for all your asphalt roof cleaning needs. With our services you get:

  • Upfront, Honest Service ( No Hidden Charges)
  • 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning

Remove Black Roof Stains in your Asphalt Roof

The green or black colored roof stains visible to you are actually the algae byproduct. These stains show up in your roof after the algae have digested the limestone present in your asphalt roof as food. So, you need to act as soon as possible with the first sign of black stains. Any delay in the cleaning process will inevitably lead to the deterioration of your asphalt roof.


Moss also spreads throughout your roof with the very same process. Our seasoned experts for asphalt roof cleaning ensure that your roof is free from the destructive algae & moss. Plus, this makes the home look amazing.

Why Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning?

Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning uses the best and safest non-pressure techniques for roof cleaning. We use fully biodegradable and professional grade cleaners that are designed specifically to clean your roof from debris, moss, algae, mold, or similar issues. We are one of the top industry leaders for safe roof cleaning options that ensure high-quality roof cleaning services without destroying the original strength of the roof in the process.

  • Completely Certified Asphalt Roof Cleaning Services
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Techniques
  • Specialized roof maintenance services
  • Best industry tools
  • Affordable Price Tags

Moss and algae growth on the roofs tends to be an unsightly nuisance for any homeowner. This build-up leads to shingle and roof damage with time. Opting for regular cleaning with preventive maintenance ensures that your rooftop stays intact for years to come.

Evade Fungal Erosion

Your asphalt roof is constructed with the use of the fiberglass mat that is coated with the mineral granules that are covered with weather-resistant elements. These minerals act as protective barriers for your asphalt limestone substrate. It is this weather-resistant granule that ensures longevity of the roof’s life. The deposition of moss and algae into the roof leads to loss of these protective granules that expose the underlying elements to damaging effect of the UV rays coming from the sun.

Therefore, the aim here is to maintain the roof in a timely manner to evade any possibility of fungal erosion. Call our experts today for in-depth asphalt roof cleaning services. Dial 515-971-1430 and consult with our customer service experts to book our services. You can also write to us for a free service estimate at [email protected] .