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When you require a professional and highly reliable cedar roof cleaning service in Des Moines, you can depend on Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning to be your expert partner. As cedar roofs are the most beloved roofing material among Des Moines residents, our professional cedar roof cleaning service could be extremely helpful to those who always love to see their stunning cedar roofs clean and dazzling, maintain the aesthetic of their scrumptious property. Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning recommends cleaning cedar roofs on a regular basis to keep the keyways clear of unwanted debris and to remove the growth of destroying moss on your cedar shakes.

Regular treatment on cedar shakes keeps your roof in top condition while making its life span to an optimal length. Our cedar roof restoration process is highly trusted and best reviewed by countless happy customers due to its efficiency and guaranteed best results. Every time our customers choose Team Sullivan for cedar shake roof cleaning, they get amazed at how much of an improvement our cedar roof restoration service brings to their home. Our cedar roof cleaning and restoration process help in extending the life of the roof while giving your property the best possible look.

Save Huge with Expert Cedar Roof Cleaning in Des Moines

You know how big it will cost you to replace your cedar shake roof completely. An average cedar roof replacement costs between $30,000 and $70,000 or even more depending on your property size and other aspects. This much cost is definitely going to empty your pocket unless you maintain your roof properly with cedar roof cleaning services, and that’s what Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning does best.

Left untreated, your beautiful cedar roofs will deteriorate in just 20 years, which is much less to its original life span. Cedar shake roofs can last up to 60 – 70 years, if cared properly. You can easily avoid costly and unwanted roof replacement with just a call to Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning. Let our no power wash using cedar shake roof cleaning services in Des Moines clean, restore and best preserve your cedar roof and double its lifespan, saving you spent huge. We offer routine and proper maintenance and restoration services to clients with the best possible price, ensuring high quality and optimum service execution.

Eco-Friendly Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning – Select Us

Our experienced, certified, insure, and highly experienced roofers will do a comprehensive assessment of your roof to determine the required cleaning and restoration for it. First, we prepare the area around your property. To protect your beautiful landscaping present around, we use a separate drainage system to collect all the downspouts. The solution that our team uses on cedar to roof cleaning and moss removal is 100% eco-friendly and doesn’t make any to your delicate cedar shakes. It also prevents moss and algae growth for a very long, making your property stay beautiful for a very long time. We don’t use power wash techniques as it will harm the durability of your cedar shakes. Throughout the entire cedar roof cleaning process, we use a standard garden hose to clear up the unwanted moss and algae. The real magic here is the powerful and secret solvent that we use. We also keep strict eyes to the needed repair and damage that need to be addressed on an immediate basis.

With your request, we replace torn or severely cracked cedar shakes throughout the roof; making it last longer and look flawless. Unlike other cedar roof restoration companies, we are complete with our service and charges, without any hidden terms and conditions. Our cedar roof cleaning professionals in Des Moines will not step on your delicate roof, operation the total service just from ladders.

Get Cedar Deck Cleaning Service for Your Property

Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning also offers the highest quality cedar deck cleaning services to property owners. We know how important it’s to keep your decks clean. Moss and the algae-filled deck is not only a safety concern, but it also ruins the beauty of your property. Our cedar deck cleaning service in Des Moines doesn’t include any power wash. We treat your stunning deck with complete care and use only eco-friendly solutions to remove the moss and algae. After the cedar deck cleaning, we use brighteners to restore its original beauty and color.

Again Thinking What Makes Our Services Exceptional!!!

  • Round the year service execution.
  • Affordable pricing with guaranteed best service execution.
  • Free inspection and service quote for your property.
  • Quality cedar shake roof cleaning without power wash.
  • Protection against moss and algae after cleaning.
  • Local and certified roofers to serve you.
  • Fast service execution.
  • Specific help with the request.
  • Environmentally friendly roof cleaning material.
  • No use of special tools.
  • Best reviewed by clients all over Iowa.

Need a complete cedar roof cleaning service estimation for your property in Des Moines, just give us a call at 515-971-1430 now. `You can also write to us at [email protected] to get immediate assistance for your queries and service requests by our friendly and knowledgeable support team. So, what are you waiting for!!! Choose Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning today as your partner and receive the best cedar roof cleaning and cedar deck cleaning service in Des Moines.

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