Professional Cedar Roof Cleaning Services Iowa


Are you looking for a reliable, professional, and completely insured contractor for cedar roof cleaning? At Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning, we specialize in in-depth cleaning services. From tasks such as moss removal to debris clean-up, we provide complete & guaranteed services for roof cleaning. Plus, we also specialize in various aspects of residential or commercial exterior cleaning.

If you do not want debris and moss falling down from the roof or blocking the gutters, we are always ready for your help!

Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning at Iowa recommend thorough roof cleaning at least once every 2-3 years to ensure that your rooftop stands through the test of time and looks amazing.

Why Sullivan Roof Cleaning?

Our cedar shake roof cleaning services are catered with environment-friendly cleaning options that do not distort the integrity of your rooftop. We use non-pressure methods to ensure proper cleaning of the surface. Our experts use cleaning agents that are hard on the stains without harming the environment. Cedar on its own is a highly-durable wood material roofing needs. However, deposition of things such as debris or moss can lead to water accumulation with time which ultimately leads to deterioration of the shake shingles. With our cedar shake cleaning services, we get you the results that help your house or commercial space look amazing & work towards prolonging of your roof shingles’ life.

  • Experience:
    With more than a decade of roof cleaning experience, we ensure consistent cleaning results for every project.
  • Finest Industry Equipment:
    Sullivan uses top quality and premier industry equipment available for cleaning the roof surface, shingles, and hidden corners. When it comes to roof cleaning, we never settle for anything less than perfect!
  • Gentle Cleaning Medium:
    Harsh chemicals can ruin the integrity of a beautiful roof and even cause harm to the residents with poisonous fumes. Our expert cleaners use a special formula for roof washing to ensure that it’s gentle on you while being harsh on the roof stains.
  • Quality Communication & work satisfaction:
    From the initiation of the project until the completion, and even after, we are here to answer all your queries and doubts with regards to our services. As professionals, we guarantee complete work satisfaction, giving you another reason to pick our services.

Dark Patches & Dirty Roof Sections

Do you notice black stains on your roof shingles? Sullivan Roof Cleaning can help you clean it off without having to break the bank. Our technicians can be called in for a free cleaning estimate! Stop the deterioration of your roof with our cleaning services.

What does a clean roof impart mean?

Having a clean roof with our cedar deck cleaning service ensures that you get the following benefits:

  • Highly optimized roof to curb any energy loss
  • Halting of shingle deterioration
  • No waterlogging
  • No rotting of the precious wood
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Removal of potential mold, bacteria, or algae growth
  • Better protection against weather changes
  • Extended roof life

Our roof cleaning process involves less invasive techniques with results achieved in a quicker format as opposed to the high-pressure methodologies. The results from our cleaning services last longer as our experts eradicate the prime source for the issue. We have a cent percent kill ratio for mildew, mold, and bacteria. We provide our services for both commercials as well as residential premises. So, do not wait till your roof starts deteriorating! Call our professionals today at 515-971-1430 or mail us at [email protected].