Safe & Gentle Metal Roof Cleaning Services at Iowa


Do you see dark, ugly streaks on your metal rooftop? Get those unwanted streaks removed and get back the fresh, new look for your roof with Sullivan Roofing & Exterior Cleaning services.

Benefits of professional service for metal roof cleaning:

    • Remove the damaging moss, algae, or mold that eats away your roofing material
    • Eliminate ugly stains in the roof
    • Make the roof look fresh and new again
    • Avoid deterioration of the rooftop

How does our cleaning procedure work?

A roof that has been infested with moss, algae, and similar organic life, is sure to experience a dramatic shortening of its life when left untreated. Moreover, hiring anyone for metal roof cleaning isn’t how you should proceed. The use of correct techniques is necessary in this case.

Only a few experienced experts from the industry know the best ways to keep your metal roof clean. This is why you should always seek professional help for metal roof cleaning. Our soft cleaning techniques ensure that your roof doesn’t fall apart during the cleaning process. We ensure that your roof looks perfect after we are done with the cleaning procedure.


Our experts for metal roof cleaning use the following techniques:

  • Application of Roof Cleaning Solution:
    The cleaning solution used by us is eco-friendly and soft on the metal roof. It doesn’t lead to the oxidization of the metal that comes from high-pressure cleaning processes. We ensure that your roof is entirely free from the mold, algae, or debris.
  • Gentle Roof Wash:
    A low-pressure, soft, or high-volume water wash by our experts helps gently remove the algae growth or dirt from the surface of the roof with the use of the non-abrasive machinery.

Why Sullivan Roofing & Exterior Cleaning?

We are one of the leading brand names in the roof cleaning industry. Our company has been operational for decades while gathering experience and skill as we worked on several projects with happy clients. If you are looking for a reliable service provider for metal roof cleaning, trust our skill-holders at Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:
    We have complete faith and trust in our metal roof cleaning technicians. Our approach ensures that the clients are always happy and satisfied with the services.
  • Trusted Technicians:
    Our roofing technicians come with thorough background checks & drug tests. We don’t ever hire anyone who seems shady and doesn’t emit a positive work vibe. Our technicians also hold certification for their skills acquired through stringent array of testing and training techniques.
  • Upfront Pricing:
    We also provide the customers with upfront pricing for all our service packages. This will help you make the right decision with regards to your budget for metal roof cleaning. There are no hidden charges when you hire our services. Everything is as you see plus affordable as per industry standards.
  • Best Customer Service:
    A service provider that doesn’t communicate well with the customer is sure to be doomed with time. At Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning, we ensure that our customer service executives are in constant touch with you to ensure that things are going well at your end.

So, whether the roof in your house is green, black, or brown, Sullivan is here to help. Hire our expert services today and give us a call at 515-971-1430. For a free service estimate, write to us at [email protected] .