Metal Roof Cleaning


Metal Roof Cleaning Service by Sullivan Roof Cleaning

Metal Roof Cleaning Service by Sullivan Roof Cleaning

Sullivan Roof Cleaning using our non-pressure cleaning process where we don’t walk on your roof nor do we use a power washer.

We use a non-toxic and non-caustic cleaning solution that will remove all the algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi from your metal roof and will not cause and harm to your metal roof.

Our metal roof cleaning process is safe for your home, landscaping, children and pets.

Oxidization is another key to watch out for and there are remedies for preserving the roof panels. This usually requires a deep cleaning and painting or coating of the panels. Depending on the products used to restore it, this may have to be done every -3-5 year for aged metal roofs.

Keeping your roof clean and clear from debris is one of the crucial steps in metal roof maintenance. All roof systems are designed to shed water, when it loses this capability, moisture retention opens the surface to a biological Petri dish. There are many forms of microscopic plants that thrive in moist environments. They will excrete fluids that encourage the formation of rust. Algae, moss and lichens are the top three to inhabit many surfaces and work in unison to thrive.

The use of “annual treatments” for algae prevention has no valid scientific history and your roof system was designed to function purely as manufactured. These “up sells” are usually a concoction of algaecides sold in pool stores or farm animal care. They are not made for roofs. After a few rains they are washed off the roof. They do not have the chemical nature to sustain the elements of the weather.

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