Outstanding Results for Roof Cleaning Services, Iowa


Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning Services is privileged to bring forth its roof cleaning services that are imparted with the use of soft techniques to ensure there is no harm to the strength of the roof and the shingles. Our philosophy for roof cleaning is simple and easy-to-understand. With great results, outstanding services, and affordable prices, we have been among the top names in the industry.

If the roof of your house has started looking older than its real age, it could be a result of the black streak deposits. Our cleaning agents can help get rid of these deposits and its prime cause. Our protocol for roof cleaning services near me uses the process of completely natural cleaning with soft wash techniques that prevent any growth of mold, moss, or algae atop your roof or shingles.

How do you benefit from a clean roof?

Your roof plays a critical role in maintaining your comfort when you are inside the house. A properly placed roof protects you from elements such as rain, wind, heat, and many more. Given its exposure to such harsh elements, it is crucial that you get your roof cleaned at regular intervals to maintain its longevity.

  • Restore the original look of the roof
  • Increase the overall appeal of your house
  • Prolong the life of your roof
  • Prevent the mold or moss formation
  • Maintain the value of your home
  • Extend the roof’s usefulness
  • Better protection from harsh weather elements

Our team uses eco-friendly techniques for roof cleaning that helps treat the root of the cause without bringing any harm to the landscaping, roof, homeowners, or the enclosing environment. Our roof cleaning services are inclusive of variants such as:

  • Asphalt Roof Cleaning
  • Cedar Roof Cleaning
  • Metal Roof Cleaning
  • Slate Roof Cleaning
  • Tile Roof Cleaning

Hire Our Certified Professionals for Roof Cleaning

Your roof is one of the significant investments you plan when constructing a house. So, why would you hand over its cleaning requirements to a novice service provider? At Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning, we ensure that you get access to certified professionals that know exactly what your roof requires to last for years to come. Most service providers use the power washing technique that works for algae and mold removal from the tiles of the roof. However, this is nothing more than a short term treatment.

With time, the Power-Washing technique leads to etching of the surface, cutting through underlayments/sealants, makes the tiles heavily porous, leads to faster algae growth, and so on. This is why our roof maintenance experts use soft cleaning methods that work on the root of the cause and thereby maintaining the integrity of the rooftop.

Why Sullivan Roof and Exterior Cleaning?

Customers can invest in our roof cleaning services near me with complete confidence. Our unique techniques for roof cleaning prevents moss, mold, and any other form of growth from taking over the entirety of the roof. Regardless of the variant of roof you have, one thing is constant with our service, that is quality.

Our process effectively eliminates build-up, removes stains, kills bacteria, and ensures that they do not come back. With our services, you get the promise of a long-lasting, beautiful, as well as a high-quality rooftop that can be relied upon. For a free services estimate, mail us today at [email protected].