Say Goodbye to Ugly Roof Stains – Opt Professional Slate Roof Cleaning in Des Moines


You have come to the right place if your slate roof is covered with ugly moss, algae and black streaks. In the long run, both natural and artificial slates stuck with moss and pollution, and it gives your roof an ugly look. Your beautiful Des Moines property’s extremely appealing slate roof will need professional cleaning time to time to refresh and protect its surface while maintaining the scenic look like a new one. At Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning, we are offering seasonal slate roof cleaning in Des Moines for more than a decade now. Unlike other power wash roof cleaning services, we deliver all our roof cleaning services with only soft washing, which uses only eco-friendly solvent and normal roof wash at low pressure.

Our professional slate roof cleaning in Des Moines will remove the unsightly mold, algae, and lichen from their source. You will receive a through slate roof cleaning that is long lasting one too. The powerful mold and algae inhibitors present in our eco-friendly slate roof washing solution not only remove these from their roots but also prevent their reappearance on your slate roof for a very long time. This means you can enjoy a stain-free, dazzling, beautiful slate roof over your head longer compared to any regular power washing services. Our roof cleaning solvent poses absolutely no risk of roof damage that is eminent with power wash roof cleaning services.

Remove Moss & Algae from Slate Roofs – Hire Specialized Roof Cleaning Services

By successfully removing algae and moos from your slate roof, we drastically improve the overall look of your property. Team Sullivan understands that your roof acts as the invitation card for your house or business, as it offers a first impression of the rest of your property. A well-maintained, appealing roof means a better impression and a higher property price these days. With time, the protective layer of slate roof worn out and it becomes less smooth and porous. This is the perfect condition for moss and algae growth. Then, next comes lichens. They hold moisture for a very long time, resulting in damage to your roof.


Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning uses a soft washing technique that safely removes destructive roof debris from your slate roof. We understand how big it costs you to invest in a new roof, so theirs is no need to damage your valuable roof while cleaning it or emptying your bank account to install a new one. Our slate roof cleaning in Des Moines involves the application of eco-friendly roof cleaning solutions which completely removes the set-in stains. When combined with a low-pressure cleaning, our roof treatment works like magic. The long stayed discoloration and stains will disappear at an instant, and the original color of your exquisite slate roof will be restored with ease. Our slate roof cleaning even removes the white stains caused by salt content present in rainwater or mineral efflorescence. These white signs can be extremely troublesome for slate roofs, so contact a professional slate roof cleaning service in Des Moines as earliest as possible if they appear.

A Complete Slate Roof Cleaning Solution That Protects and Beautifies

We examine your roof at first to determine how it can be cleaned best. Our roof cleaning experts understand that the different cleaning techniques required for natural slates and artificial slates. Our experts also inspect your roof carefully for any potential damage and take the necessary steps to solve them. Then, we spray the environmentally friendly cleaning agent onto the roof slates. After it gets soaked completely, the slates will be cleaned with a low-pressure wash. After all the algae and mosses get removed from the roof with a special eviction technique that doesn’t damage any of your landscape or nearby environment, we use a protective topcoat to prevent the growth of algae, moss, and debris again for years.

Still thinking why to hire Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning to serve best your requirements associated with slate roof cleaning in Des Moines, read this.

  • Free of cost, upfront service estimation for your property.
  • Guaranteed service satisfaction with the highest standard results.
  • Safe, effective and reliable slate roof cleaning for any size of properties.
  • Eco-friendly and non-roof damaging cleaning solution.
  • Excellent service results with affordable pricing.
  • On-time service execution with insured roofing experts.

Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning is standing ready to serve you professional slate roof cleaning in Des Moines. Give us a call at 515-971-1430 or email at [email protected] to receive a free roof cleaning service estimation for your property today. Hire us and see the results yourself. We deliver every bit of detail that we mentioned above. Our support team will be happy to deliver you the results that you have been expecting from a team of highly experienced professionals only.