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Exterior Cleaning Roof & Siding, Johnson, Iowa

Amazing! I had the roof, siding and soffit cleaned on my 14 year old home. I can’t believe the difference it made! It looks new again! Sullivan was great to work with. There was absolutely no trace they had been there, other than the clean house and roof! I am very pleased. I will refer my friends and family to Sullivan Roof Cleaning!

Jen Goemann, Johnson, Iowa

Siding and Deck Cleaning, Johnson, Iowa

I found Bruce and Maria via their Your Tube video demonstrating their approach to cleaning the “green” stuff growing on the north and east sides of my home. I recommend watching it, it’s exactly who they are and what they do.

My house, deck and patio look brand new! I wish I had taken before pictures. The improvement is dramatic.

They arrived as scheduled, worked efficiently and with respect for my property. The work was completed for exactly the bid they provided when they visited my home to provide a free quote. I wish all contractors were so reliable and transparent. I am a very satisfied customer.

Annette DeFrancisco, Johnson, Iowa

Cleaning Product Works-Des Moines

Bruce has done several roof cleanings for me and the results always exceed my expectations. He’s saved me thousands of dollars on my investment properties by making old roofs look brand new. He cleaned my gutters and siding in just a few minutes in what would have taken me hours with a power washer. With just a simple rinse, his cleaning solution removed dirt and grime that a pressure washer couldn’t remove. He’s got an amazing product.

Adam Lewis, Des Moines

Roof & Deck Cleaning-Ames, Iowa

Our roof and deck area look better than new and Bruce and Maria are responsible for this transformation. I am so pleased to have hired Sullivan Roof Cleaning. They were friendly, courteous, and experienced and delivered excellent results.

Marie McCuskey, Ames, Iowa

Roof Cleaning-Pleasant Hill, Iowa

I was skeptical of this when my wife suggested it. I told her roofs were suppose to do this after time. I went to Menards to purchase a product and tried it in a small area ( no results) we went ahead and had it done and our roof looks like the day we had it installed. This is the best money we have spent to keep the house looking like the day we built it. GREAT JOB!!! I would recommend this to anyone.

Jeff Backous, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Deck Cleaning-Granger, Iowa

You did an awesome job on my daughter’s log home, deck, railing, swing and chairs on the deck. They are totally impressed. My roof looks great, as well as, the stucco on front of my house. I appreciated your professionalism regarding communication and being where you said you would be at the time agreed upon.

Joan Clary, Granger, IA 09/15/2015

Roof Cleaning-Van Meter, Iowa

Took care of everything as promised. Doug Albaugh, Van Meter, IA. 08/30/2015

Roof Cleaning-Runnells, Iowa

Great guys to work with. David Funk, Runnells, IA. 08/13/2015

Metal Roof Cleaning-Des Moines, Iowa

As always, it is great to work with Bruce. Heared back from him right away. Got a quote and he was on the job not too long after. Showed up when expected and roof looks like it did when the building was built.

Bruce thanks again for help and going the extra mile on this one.

Robert Fuller, Robert Fuller Investments, Des Moines, Iowa

Roof Cleaning-West Des Moines, Iowa

Great job. Cal James, W. Des Moines, IA 04/21/2015

Roof Cleaning-Ankeny, Iowa

Great job, clean, on time excellent value. Mike Mefford, Ankeny, IA. 04/14/2015

Metal Roof Cleaning, Des Moines, Iowa

We have a metal roof with a special stone coating and the roof actually looks like clay tile. Our roof was turning green from all of our large oak trees. We didn’t want to use someone who used a power pressure wash – which would have ruined the stone coating and been very hard on the roof. We were a bit hesitant but felt good about Sullivan Roof cleaning softer approach.
We were amazed with the outcome – our roof looked brand new and we had forgotten the true colors of the roof. I would highly recommend his services to anyone with a metal or other type of roof.
Susanne Carney, Des Moines, Iowa

Roof Cleaning-West Des Moines, Iowa

Sullivan’s did my roof cleaning 3 years ago and the roof is still in great shape with none of the previous dirt, mold or mildew that it had before. True to their word, the treatment has maintained just as Bruce said it would. Each year since, they have washed my steel siding and my cedar deck and I am always pleased when the work is done.

Linda Kreger, W. Des Moines, IA 04/13/2015

Asphalt Roof Cleaning-Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Without hesitation, I would recommend Sullivan Roof Cleaning to anyone in need of such a service. Bruce and Maria are both very personable and highly professional.

We were looking to remove the “dirty” streaks from our roof just before having all of our siding and windows replaced, in hopes of beginning our “new” look with the roof.

That’s value.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the job they’ve done.

Shawn Simmons, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Asphalt Roof Cleaning, West Des Moines, Iowa

Roof looks like new! So awesome. This will help her home actually sell and much faster this year! Thank you.
Janis Robinson, Iowa Realty, Des Moines
Shawn Simmons, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Metal Roof Cleaning Des Moines, Iowa

As always, it is great to work with Bruce. Heared back from him right away. Got a quote and he was on the job not too long after. Showed up when expected and roof looks like it did when the building was built.

Bruce thanks again for help and going the extra mile on this one.

Robert Fuller, Robert Fuller Investments, Des Moines, Iowa

Roof Cleaning, Cummings, Iowa

Bruce and Maria,
Thanks for the wonderful job you did cleaning our roof, deck, porch, and driveway. Our 17 year old home looks brand new again! Your service is great and the cost is very reasonable.

Tam and Wayne Hansen

Roof Cleaning Ames, Iowa

The Sullivan Roof Cleaning team does it again. The team of Bruce and Maria never fail to please! Earlier this spring they did our cedar shake roof on the Johnston house and really did a superior job. So, today they whipped their proprietary roof cleaning process on 230 Hickory Drive and shazam, new looking roof. I would really like to re-shingle the place from an aesthetic point but frankly from an actual need standpoint it just really doesn’t need it. So for now we just be happy with a fresh clean look again.

Jim & Barb Benn, Ames, Iowa

Roof Cleaning Waukee Iowa

Saved Us Thousands Of Dollars!

We are thrilled with the results of our roof cleaning. It looks brand new! We believe they added years to the life of our roof and saved us thousands of dollars. Bruce and Maria were very friendly and professional. They throughly explained the process and were careful with our roof and property. We recommend their services!

Jim and Bonnie Allen – Waukee, IA

Extend The Life By Several Years

I Would Recommend Without Hesitation

Could not be more pleased! Bruce did exactly what he said he would. Neat, clean and everything picked up and back the way it was when he came. Shingles look like new and missing or broken ones have been replaced. Several neighbors have been over to ask what we had done to our roof and I expect they will be doing the same. Roofs are expensive and when one can extend the life by several years though this process it makes the cost very reasonable. I would recommend Bruce without hesitation!

Larry Mindrup 13340 Sunset Circle Clive, Iowa

Looks Great After One Year, West Des Moines

Still Looks Great One Year Later

Thanks for your professionalism and wonderful work! My home’s siding, roof and concrete steps looked like new immediately after the cleaning … and still looks great one year later.

J. Keene, West Des Moines, Iowa

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The Roof Streaks Are Gone

Our 11 year old roof was really showing the effects of algae…lots of gray and black streaks.
Bruce explained the problem and the process needed to address it. Pointing out the problem that this would cause excellerate ware on our roofing.

Bruce did the whole roof including areas not apparent as issues, but on their way to the problems.
Process took a morning and the results were amazing. The streaking is gone and the roof looks new again.

We would highly recommend cleaning such as this and Bruce doing the work.

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Asphalt Roof Cleaning, Clive

We had our roof cleaned and we couldn’t be happier! Our roof color changed right before our eyes from black to its original tan.We have had so many positive comments and have spread the word. Thank you!

John and Mary Ellen Wilcox

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Asphalt Roof Cleaning, Clive, Ia

Bruce and his “crew” did an excellent job on our roof. In fact, my neighbor asked me if we had replaced our roof. I’d recommend Sullivan Roof Cleaning to anyone. Actually, I already have.

Dennis Engstrom, Clive, Iowa

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Asphalt Roof Cleaning, Norwalk

Bruce did a great job on my house in Norwalk. I originally thought I would have to re-shingle my roof, but after he got done, it looked ‘great’. Bruce is easy to work with and backs up his product. If you are thinking about new shingles, talk to Bruce first – he might be able to save you several thousand dollars.
Tim Dohlman, Norwalk

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Asphalt Cleaning, Ankeny, Iowa

Thank you for your outstanding work. My asphalt roof looks like new. You were very professional and went out of your way to make sure the yard and plants were protected. I would highly recommend this service to anyone with roof issues. Bruce and Kim will make it look like new. Thanks again!

Ted Thramer, Ankeny

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Asphalt Roof Cleaning Urbandale

Bruce did an outstanding job with our roof. It looks brand new and we have already received good comments about our roof.

Manoj T, Homeowner, Urbandale, Iowa

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Asphalt Roof Cleaning West Des Moines

Bruce cleaned our roof, vinyl siding and composite material deck and I am blown away. The roof looks new, the algae collecting on the siding in the shady areas is gone and the deck is even colored and bright.

I have been involved with DIY publications for many years and I had never heard about this service. I didn’t know it was possible to “clean” shingles but I am a total believer now.

You will not be sorry as this investment is worth every cent.

Matt Strelecki, 18th St., West Des Moines

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Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning

I have a concrete tile roof that is 14 years old. It had become unsightly from dirt, mold and mildew. This roof cannot be walked on without extreme care and knowledge of the product. Bruce Sullivan and his team drove down from the Des Moines area to Coralville, Iowa and cleaned my roof. The result is spectacular and his crew was most professional and FIRST RATE in every respect. He cleaned contiguous structures on my home for no additional charges. I give Sullivan Roof Cleaning my highest recommendation and would be happy to provide further information to anyone considering roof cleaning.

One further note, Bruce’s communication skills are outstanding and timely.

Kirk Fridrich, Highland Park Ave., Coralville, IA

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